Cartier Ballon Bleu 40 mm Replica Watches US

Ballon Bleu de Cartier Replica Watches US new dimensions have been added to the lineup, the Ballon Bleu 40 mm powered by the internal 1847 MC automatic movement. It is located between the 36mm medium and 42mm large automatic models, and cannot be too large or too small to suit current tastes.

The new 40mm self-winding movement has also undergone a practical upgrade: the brand’s proprietary bracelet and strap quick release system.

Although the iconic Tank and Santos Luxury Fake Watch are characterized by a stiff, straight pen, Ballon is composed of spheres and domes of various sizes-the crown, case, crystal and even the case back are slightly rounded, making it Has a pebble shape. It feels a bit organic.

The key feature of the new design is the 40mm case, which can subtly fill the gap between the 42mm and 36mm Cartier Replica Watch versions. But this is reassuringly familiar. All the basic elements of the design are preserved, including the recessed crown that seems to float in the arched crown guard.

The new dial eliminates the traditional guilloche-like decorations and replaces it with a matte “sunburst” surface, which is clean and reflective.