Dazzling Vacheron Constantin Égérie Moon Phase Jewellery

Swiss Fake Vacheron Constantin is a brand that not only has a serious reputation to uphold when it comes to mechanical masterpieces but also in the world of diamond-set watches they are a force not to reckon with. Throughout their entire history, they have created watches in which diamonds and other gemstones played the glamorous lead role.

While the new Égérie Replica collection is already a very tempting proposition without diamonds, do they most certainly add something when used in abundance. Its 37mm large dial alone is covered with 246 brilliant-cut diamonds, while the dial features another 510 of these precious gemstones. The setting follows the elegant curves of Replica Watch case in great detail, but it is the dial that especially knows how to impress.

It also goes very well with another main attraction of the watch, the moon phase indicator. The moon itself is made from white mother-of-pearl, while the clouds which it hides behind are crafted from translucent sapphire crystal.

This Best Replica Watches beautifully designed and crafted self-winding movement has a 22-carat gold oscillating weight and a power reserve of 40-hours. While the movement is in most Vacheron Constantin watches the main star, here it forms the perfect finishing touch for a dazzling creation.