Rolex Launches Website To Honor Hans Wellsdorf, The Company’s Founding Spirit And Charity

Today, Rolex Replica Watches has launched a new website dedicated to better communicating the story and legacy of its founder Hans Wellsdorf, as well as the company’s core values, cultural initiatives and “founding spirit”. With the release, Rolex published a 5-minute video of “The Man Behind the Crown – Hans Wellsdorf”, a fascinating and insightful story about Willsdorf and his company Rolex Documentary.

Let us start with the spirit of creation. This video tells the story of how Mr. Willsdorf built his own company by “being started working with a Swiss manufacturer of unusually compact watch movements” – the picture shows the building marked Aegler SA. The story is Wilsdorf, who later described the name Rolex Replica came to him one morning, when an elf whispered “Rolex” in his ear – he was looking for a unique company name that was unique and easy to remember. Sounds good, the watch dial looks great too. I recommend watching the video because it allows us to know more about caution – I dare say, mysterious – Rolex world. If the video is not enough, be sure to check out one of our most frequently read articles to learn how Rolex makes watches.

Rolex has long surpassed common industry practices in a variety of ways – marketing, manufacturing, quantity, direction, product development speed, etc. This is not an easy task. No matter where you are, you may find one or more ways Cheap Rolex Replica Watches stands out in terms of its practice, situation or positioning. One way is to rely on Rolex’s restraint in excessive communication. Of course, most of its collections are based on watches designed half a century ago, but they are considered to be the result of refining and development of permanent (again with the word), rather than their originals being nearly completely re-released. Personally, I am very grateful to the rhythm and self-development direction that Rolex has chosen. Obviously, the company now believes that it is time to start talking more openly about its founders and some of the earliest signs in history – the first waterproof watch, their first watch with self-winding and some other watches, later confirmed There will be more.