Such Great IWC Portugieser Annual Calendar Replica Watches

If Replica Watches there is a complication, especially if it has become very popular in recent years, it is the annual calendar. This is also well-founded because it provides almost all the advantages of the perpetual calendar, the only exception being that you have to manually adjust the date at the end of February.

The reason why this watch is impressive is related to the size. Originally, IWC Portugieser Fake Watch was launched in the late 1930s in response to requests from two Portuguese gentlemen who wanted a watch with a nautical chronometer accuracy. Today, the diameter is no longer a problem, although the Portuguese calendar with a diameter of 44.2mm is not a small watch even if it is fashionable today.

The other side of the Swiss Fake Watch is also pleasing to the eye. The glass bottom cover here shows all the glory of the 52850 movement. Due to the large diameter of the movement, the case can be well filled. Thanks to the two barrels, the Portugieser calendar has a power reserve of 7 days.

This watch features a Pellaton pawl winding system for improved winding efficiency and a beautiful rotor. The IWC Replica Watches dial proudly states that the watch is the company’s motto “Probus Scafusia” since 1903, meaning “Schaffhausen’s Good, solid craftsmanship” is definitely the case with the Portuguese calendar.