The Best Replica IWC Portugieser Minute Repeater Ref. IW5242-02

Original The best replica Portuguese Minute Repeater Ref. IW5240. This is from a time when minute repeater watches were very rare. The Portuguese Minute Repeater is understandably considered a Schaffhausen masterpiece. The fact that the Portugieser Minute Repeater came out only two years after the Portugieser series came out is even more impressive.

Three variants of the second generation were released during its lifetime, including a rose gold variant that is probably the most evocative and classic of the trio. Here we bring you details and our thoughts on the Portuguese Minute Repeater. Rose gold IW5242-02.

The Case, Dial, and Hands

The IWC 1:1 replica watch has a diameter of 43.00mm and a thickness of 12.50mm. Inspired by pocket watches, Portuguese watches do tend to have larger cases. Measuring 43.00 x 12.50 mm, the Ref. IW5242-02 is 1.00 mm larger than its predecessor, but can still be worn on the average wrist without dangling due to the sharply sunk lugs.

The case is made of rose gold with contrasting finishes, from the satin-brushed sides and repeater rail to the polished crown, repeater rail and bezel. The slender concave bezel highlights the great power of the dial. At the same time, the dome-shaped sapphire crystal gives the dial a sense of depth.

The dial features a minimalist design, with Arabic numerals and feuille hands applied, in a distinctly Portuguese style. For this rose gold version, the IWC High quality replica watch dial is silver opaline with a fine concentric guilloche on the seconds sub-dial at 9 o’clock. The IW5242-02 is another hallmark of the new Portuguese watch. Samples before the mid-00s tend to feature dots within minutes and bars within seconds.

The Movement

While the case and dial have changed relative to its predecessor, the movement remains the same. driving reference. The IW5242-02 1:1 replica watches swiss is the 54-jewel 95290 movement that also powered the first Portuguese minute repeater in 1995.

In the spirit of the original Portuguese watches of the 1930s, the 95290 movement is inspired by the old IWC Calibre 95 pocket watch movement. The size of the movement is simply a match made in heaven, it fills almost the full 43mm of the case. There is also a slow and massive balance wheel that occupies a third of the diameter of the movement.

Having said that, it’s not just about size – it’s also about architecture. The Calibre 95290 has the finger bridges typical of a pocket watch movement, open enough to reveal the entire gear train from the crown wheel to the escape wheel. It even has a proper center wheel (the one that actually sits in the center).

The structure of the Calibre 95290 is modular. The minute repeater, designed by Renaud et Papi, is located behind the dial, invisible from the sapphire crystal case back. The chimes of the Calibre 95290 can be described as soft and sweet. The Expensive IWC replica watch beauty of the Calibre 95290 is that on the bottom you have a vintage pocket watch movement and on the top you have the “new school” Renaud et Papi Haute Horlogerie – the best of both worlds.

The finish of the Calibre 95290 is exemplary, which you can see through the sapphire crystal case back. The bridges are Côtes de Genève, with beveled and polished edges. There are not only rounded corners in the movement, but sharp outward corners that are more difficult to execute. The base plate is adorned with plenty of pearl, while the heads of the screws that hold the bridges are polished.

IWC Best replica watch site 2022 Caliber 98950 has a three-quarter plate, a real centre wheel and a massive balance wheel beating at 2.5 Hz. The minute repeater is again located below the dial and cannot be seen through the sapphire crystal caseback. The repeater’s sound profile is similar to its predecessor: soft but sweet.