The Gem Dior irregular octagon design

First of all, the 27 x 25 mm replica watch case is decidedly quirky with an irregular octagon shape. The idea is for it to resemble the cross section of naturally formed minerals.

The flow of asymmetry continues on the bracelet, which features a stratification of gemstone layers.

The most striking and exuberant piece in this range, a yellow gold fake model with a malachite dial offers a bezel set with diamonds on seven sides and turquoise on one side.

More colours can be found on the bracelet through clever use of malachite, lapis lazuli, carnelian, pink opal and tiger’s eye. Six other versions are executed in stainless steel, bicolour, rose gold and white gold.

The Gem Dior replica watch is worn as an open cuff because the articulated bracelet is without a clasp. The architecture is reflected in the 11 other jewellery creations launched at this same time: bangles, rings and earrings in yellow gold, pink gold and white gold, partially or fully paved with diamonds.