A Unique Platinum Rolex Yacht-Master Is Coming Up For Sale

The Watch

As shown by the “Dix Millionieme Chronometre” on the dial. In addition to the platinum case, bracelet, and flip-lock clasp, the Rolex Yacht-Master Replica unique grey dial is set with blue sapphires and diamonds. The whole package is wonderful and opulent and gaudy in the best way possible.

Rolex introduced the Yacht-Master line in 1992 as a kind of luxe alternative to the Submariner – the Sub was for divers in the ocean, the Yacht-Master for those cruising topside – and this prototype is the most Yacht-Master of Yacht-Masters.

Can A Yacht-Master Really Be ‘Collectible?’

While the Rolex super Clone has a lore all its own, the Yacht-Master isn’t exactly considered “collectible” by modern standards – not yet, at least. You either love it or hate it. And especially among vintage collectors, more hate than love the Yacht-Master.Meanwhile, some have already come around on the Yacht-Master, and this one in particular.

While the Rolex Yacht-Master replica watch men’s might be the pinnacle of modern Rolex, it doesn’t exactly scream so, even with its diamond and sapphire indices. Sure, it’s a lot, but relatively subtle, as much as sapphires and diamonds on a platinum Rolex can ever really be subtle.

What We Know

As the 1990s edge farther into the rearview and attain the status of vintage, or at least “neo-vintage,” we’re starting to see collectors take more interest in this era of Luxury perfect Rolex replica watches and figuring out the most collectible watches from the period. As far as rarity, none can match a unique Yacht-Master, even if the model itself is still a bit of an odd duck.

As Replica Watches Store gets bigger and continues to command more of the watch world’s attention, the myth around the brand also grows. And with that, watches like this become more interesting. Watches that are important if for no other reason than Rolex made them to be important, even if it never exactly intended for the public to see them.