Cartier Replica in 2019. On all fronts

Panthère de Cartier

With the new Panthère Mini Replica Watches, Cartier realizes again the exercise of faithfully reproducing the original Panthère. It is a watch that, especially for its discreet dimensions, departs from the most common trends of recent years towards large female watches. Everything is a matter of personal preferences but, if we talk about elegance, a female clock of contained dimensions is very difficult to beat.

Cartier Panthère Mini Replica Watch

This Panthère Mini will be offered in all kinds of gold for your box; white, pink and yellow. You can also choose between versions with diamond setting or without it.

Elegance Copy Cartier For Women

The Luxury Fake Watches Panthère Grande or Panthère bracelet goes to the other dimensional extreme than the mini. It does not do so because of the size of the watch itself but because of the imposing bracelet that surrounds it.

baignoire female fake watches

The Panthère pulserá will also be offered with the three gold variants: white, pink and yellow. It will also be declined in two thickness options, determined by the number of link lines that surround the watch.


We continue with the female watches, this time from the hand of the Baignoire. This Best Baignoires Replica watch pays homage to the oval as a basic geometric shape to design its box.These new Baignoires want to pay homage to the evolution of this 1958 clock, when any straight line is discarded to recreate a perfect oval.

Replica Baignoire with yellow gold case

The Baignoire is issued with a yellow gold case or with a white gold case with a profuse setting composed of 228 brilliant cut diamonds. The movements that it equips are of quartz. The Replica Baignoire Allogée with a white, pink or yellow gold case, always with a diamond setting that covers its box.