High Quality Cartier Santos-Dumont Replica Line With Three New Watches

The World’s First Sports Replica Watch

More than arguably the world’s first sports watch, the High-Quality Cartier Santos-Dumont Replica is unique in its aviation-inspired heritage dating back to 1904. With that in mind, the collection has always had a special place in the luxury giant’s lineup and continues to intrigue enthusiasts to this day.

Cartier returns to the Santos-Dumont collection, creating three unique two-tone designs with striking lacquered cases. The three new models in the Cartier Santos-Dumont collection offer a uniquely refined interpretation of the modern coloured case trend, allowing the beauty of the base metal to still shine in a stunning new iteration of the classic collection.

The Cases

The new Luxury Cartier Replica case is the most fascinating yet. Measuring 31.4mm wide, just 7.3mm thick and with a lug-to-lug length of 43.5mm, these classic rounded square cases with tapered lugs and screw-top bezels are a Cartier signature.

The 950 platinum case variant offers the most innovative look in the collection, with the majority of the case surfaces covered in deep burgundy lacquer. Rather than completely covering the platinum base, Cartier let the polished chamfers and bezel screws pass through this burgundy layer and bring out the geometry of this case design.

Best Cartier Replica Watches US complements the deep red hue here by setting rubies on its traditional cabochon crown. Cartier paired this rose gold model with a dark blue sapphire cabochon crown, creating a contrasting highlight in a sea of soft, warm tones.

While these lacquer designs provide a fun and bold look in the initial images, the staying power of these finishes is currently an open question. Cartier does not provide a water resistance rating for these watches.

Santos-Dumont Replica Watches US Qith Classically Attractive Dials

Every model in the collection features the same basic layout, featuring stylized Roman numerals, simple polished sword-shaped hands, a traditional chemin de fer minute track and a clean no-date layout.

The dial finish itself adds character to this familiar formula, however, a series of lacquered concentric squares give the dial a great sense of visual depth in the image. Cartier Replica Watches matches the dial color scheme of each watch to its case, with the platinum version featuring a silver dial, brightly polished hands and indexes, and a deep burgundy minute track and dial signature.

The rose gold version opts for a tone-on-tone approach, with a champagne-coloured main dial surface complemented by rose gold dial hardware and a simple black print. Finally, the stainless steel model maintains its monochromatic color scheme, with an charcoal grey main dial paired with silver dial hardware and a matching minute track.

Santos-Dumont With The 430 MC Hand-wound Movement

The 430 MC is a common choice among Cartier’s All Replica Watches slimmer offerings, and while it usually offers attractive finishes, its performance is starting to show its age, delivering a sub-par 38-hour power reserve at a beat rate of 21,600 bph.

Each new Cartier Santos-Dumont model comes with an alligator leather strap. For the burgundy-coated platinum models, Cartier opted for a slightly darker oxblood red strap, while the rose gold and beige models use a contrasting dark moss green strap. The stainless steel model takes the most direct style approach in the image, matching the alligator leather strap with the black lacquered case.

By pairing its historic square sports watch design with intriguing new lacquered case finishes and elegantly textured dials, the new The Best Cartier Santos-Dumont Replica Watches offer a distinctively refined new take on an enduring classic.