Omega Replica Watches Buying Guide

Omega Speedmaster

Arguably the most well known of Omega Replica Watches thanks to its association with the Space Race, the Speedmaster was introduced in 1957 and became the chronograph against which all others would be measured. The first to move the tachymeter scale from the dial to the bezel, thus offering unparalleled legibility, plus its bombproof engineering was enough to win it the NASA gig.

Omega Seamaster

The most stylistically diverse range of watches in Omega’s whole collection, the Luxury Omega Seamaster Replica takes in everything from pieces made originally for scientists and technicians, to extraordinarily robust dive monsters able to withstand impossible depths. While the name itself might lead to some puzzlement, many of the Seamaster models are among the most well-known of all, helped along by a certain fictional super spy.

Omega Constellation

Once the flagship from Omega Replica, the Constellation collection, which also takes in the retro-inspired Globemaster subdivision, is the brand’s dress watch range. A focus on sophistication and refinement, it is an extensive series and features some notable complications and tasteful use of precious metals.

Omega De Ville

Introduced in 1960, the Luxury Fake De Ville Watch is another range that previously was part of the Seamaster collection, before breaking away into its own line in 1967. It is also the series most commonly used as a proving ground for Omega’s succession of innovations – for example, it was a De Ville watch that debuted the first Co-Axial movement in 1999.