The Best Replica Watches of 2019

For its 150th anniversary, IWC Luxury Replica Watches presented an entire collection of “Jubilee” watches, comprising mostly modified versions of existing models.Its super cool and mechanically appealing display is based on an 1884 pocket watch with digital indications of both the hours and minutes – a first back then.

Although this modern re-edition is now a wristwatch, it sticks to the exact same display used on the famed pocket watch created by Josef Pallweber. Inside is the complex and IWC Replica newly developed calibre 94200, which relies on a complex twin architecture – one sub-movement for the display, one sub-movement for the timekeeping.

The Rolex GMT-Master II Replica this year. One of them resurrects a colour combination nicknamed “Root Beer” playing on tones of brown, gold and black – something popular in the 1960s/1970s.Rolex developed a new two-tone, black and brown ceramic bezel and combines it with a steel and rose gold case – never seen before on the GMT-Master II.

The black dial edition of the Overseas time-and-date is the hottest of them all and manages to combine the coolness of a luxury sports Rolex Replica watch with a certain elegance – the tuxedo effect of this glossy black dial. For the rest, no evolution. This 4500V keeps all its qualities: superb case and bracelet finishing, a clever easy-to-use interchangeable system to switch from leather to rubber or steel in a minute and a beautifully finished automatic movement.