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The date had to be positioned around the dial, around all the discs that are used to display the time. Thus, the date is shown on a peripheral sapphire disc with the current date highlighted in red. The Replica Watches magic appears at midnight when all the indications jump simultaneously and instantaneously. Other improvements are to be noted: a pusher to advance the hours and a new movement with doubled power reserve. The style remains pure Zeitwerk, and that’s just great.

As beautiful as this Luxury Royal Oak “Jumbo” Extra-Thin Replica Watch salmon dial 15202BC is, it will remain a dream for many. First, it is made of white gold and not stainless steel – meaning that it is both rather heavy and fairly expensive.But in all fairness, what a superb edition of an already superb watch.

It is both elegant, original and complex. In short, it sums up everything Bovet is about. Certainly less showy than the Swiss Replica Watches Grand Recital 22 that won the GPHG 2018, this new Récital 21 is nevertheless fascinating. Design-wise, the classical codes of Bovet are used in a more subtle way.A truly elegant piece with a unique style.

Innovative because of the use of a brand new material, Ceratanium, which combines the shock-resistance and lightness of titanium with the properties of black ceramic, meaning a scratch-resistant surface and a black colour that won’t fade. It is conservative, in a pleasant way. With the combination of its toolish aspect, its focus on resistance and legibility, the cool Double-Chronograph complication, it heralds a return to real instrument watches at IWC Luxury Fake Watches.