The Best Rolex Explorer Replica Watches 2024

In this series called “Best Rolex Explorer Replica Watches 2024,” we look back at replica watches that have been around for over a decade – or long enough to feel ubiquitous – and ask ourselves if they have withstood the test of time. We will discuss whether they are still relevant, their feelings today, and ultimately whether they are worth the current price. In some cases, when authors own/already own specific works, they will delve into how their feelings towards them have evolved and whether they still deserve a place in the collection. We will cover anything from truly timeless and affordable classics to retro and new retro heavyweight characters. Today, it’s Da An’s turn to bring his 2024 Rolex replica Explorer 114270.
I have already told you that it is not love at first sight between me and my replica Rolex Explorer. I once bought a Datejust replica reference 1603 because I thought it was more suitable for me. After several months of unsuccessful sales, it took me several years to realize that I really “needed” the 114270 watches I collected. Since I bought Explorer over a year ago, it has become one of the most frequently worn watches for me. So, spoiler reminder: Yes, for me, the replica Rolex Explorer is still a very relevant watch. But before I tell you why, let’s first understand some basic knowledge.

The Best Rolex Replica Explorer ref. 114270

Best Rolex Replica Explorer ref. 114270 originated in 1953, with Sherpa Danzin Nogai and mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary becoming the first people in history to reach the summit of Mount Everest. They did not carry explorers during the expedition, but instead carried a Rolex timepiece similar to a 36mm oyster shell. However, Rolex subsequently decided to register a trademark for the replica Explorer name. The first watch named after this name was the Rolex 6150 from 1953. From the beginning, it has many characteristics that many of us really like.
The 36mm oyster case, the black dial with 3 o’clock, 6 o’clock, and 9 o’clock numbers, as well as the Mercedes hour hand and lollipop second hand are already there. Fast forward to 1989 and many subsequent references, all of these features still exist in reference 14270, which is my predecessor. This reference material sets the standard for all modern Rolex explorers. It is equipped with the same 36mm stainless steel case and black dial. But this time, the index and numbers of the baton are platinum and applied. Some tritium elements have even been added to the index for better reading in the dark.
In 2001, the “My” reference number 114270 was introduced. It looks exactly the same as its predecessor, just like the last version of 14270, which uses Super LumiNova. The only real difference is the sturdy end connection and the upgraded 3130 movement. The main reasons why I chose this reference instead of the previous one were the stronger end links and more impact resistant movements. In 2010, Rolex discontinued production of 114270 and launched 39mm 214270. Currently, Rolex replica has two Explorer series -36mm 124270 and 40mm 224270. Oh, I almost forgot, there is also a dual tone 36mm explorer with reference number 124273.

Closing thoughts

So, I hope it’s clear now that from all rolex replica Explorer references since 1989, 114270 is my favorite, and that’s why. In my opinion, it has perfect size and caliber, still more than enough. In addition, it is clearly more affordable than the current 36mm Rolex Explorer. Before buying it, I was a bit worried that I would get tired of it. But having it for over a year has made me realize that when I want to wear a powerful luxury watch that won’t hinder me, it is a great choice. In hindsight, I should have bought it when I bought the vintage Datejust. On the other hand, now I know I will be happy to wear this garment again for many years.
What is your opinion on best Rolex replica Explorer 114270? Please let me know in the comments below, and we would also be happy to hear your suggestions for the future issues of “Best Rolex Explorer Replica Watches 2024“.