Cool Replica US Cartier Privé Tonneau Skeleton Dual Time

The Tonneau is one of Cartier‘s oldest Replica Watches US designs that is still in production today. It was launched in 1906, two years after the legendary Santos was introduced. Unlike the Santos, has the Tonneau spend most of its career outside of the limelight.

The Tonneau is a watch with very elegant lines and a surprisingly narrow strap. Do not be fooled by them, because on the wrist it is a very masculine creation. Its beauty can be found in the fact that the case is slightly curved, which makes it that it sits very well on the wrist. It is one of the very first members of the new Cartier Privé Fake Watches collection and inspired by the Double Fuseau, a watch that cleverly utilized the shape of the Tonneau to display two timezones.

The crown at the top, set with a sapphire cabochon, can be used to set and wind the Swiss Replica Watches. The lower one is actually not a crown, but a pusher which advances the hour hand of the bottom dial in one-hour increments each time it is pushed.

As the case of the Tonneau is curved, so is the movement. This makes it that the gear train is also set at an angle, a feature rare in Cartier Replica Watches. Also interesting to note is that the typical railroad track of both dials is printed on what is the two top bridges of the movement.