Predictions for the Replica Watches that Rolex could Launch in 2019

It seems that Rolex has adopted a less conservative approach with pieces like the Sea-Dweller 126600 with its large case, its red line of text and the controversial cyclops lens on the date, or the totally unpredictable Air King Replica Watches US with a colourful dial. However, there are some things that remain steadfast, whatever happens at Rolex. For instance, new watches unveiled in gold or two-tone one year are followed by full steel models the year after.

It would make sense for Rolex to get back in the anti-magnetic race with a watch that is still named Milgauss, but with higher resistance to magnetism than its current 1000 gauss. Secondly, with the introduction of the new 32xx generation of movements, Rolex Luxury Rolex Fake Watches has also improved its production of amagnetic parts and updating the Milgauss would make a lot of sense.

What we have created here is a slightly redesigned version of the Submariner, a bit less “tool-ish”, with a more luxurious appeal – but still the same diving capacities. The Rolex Replica case is less bulky but the bezel and the dial are still focused on the essential – and in this context, the date window makes sense. Of course, the new calibre 3235 would be part of the package.

We have dreamed up three different versions. One slightly feminine model with a Rolesor Everose case and a small diamond in the triangle on the Luxury Replica Watches bezel. The two other editions are steel models, one with diamond indexes and one with a classic Submariner look in steel with a black dial – and we bet the latter would be a hit in stores.

It is basically an evolution of last year’s Pepsi version, this time with a black and red bezel. Why could it be introduced? Well, we’ve read here and there rumours saying that Rolex will discontinue the Batman model. This would leave some space for a new bicolour version.

This new model is very close to the 126710BLRO introduced last year, with the same Jubilee bracelet, the updated calibre 3285 and the iconic Coke bezel. The Swiss Replica Watches main question concerns the material. We’d prefer a steel version but this new model could be the occasion for Rolex to introduce another white gold model or even a platinum version. Time will tell.